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Compassionate undertakers in  Powys

Established in 1927, I. Jackson & Sons, we're highly experienced undertakers.
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Our history

I. Jackson, an independent,  family-run funeral business was established in 1927 by Idris Jackson. He and his wife, Deborah, had eight children.

In 1950, two of their children, Jack and Glyn joined their father in the business and the name changed to I. Jackson & Sons. Most of the work carried out at this stage was general building, with the undertaking fitting in nicely with the rest of the work.

In 1960, Idris died and Glyn left to work in the London area. Jack, along with his wife Evelyn carried on running the company. Jack gained a reputation for quality and professionalism. In 1969, the building side of the business was closed down and Jack focused totally on the undertaking side.

1970s and 80s
In 1974, after completing their apprenticeships with Jack at I. Jackson & Sons, Phil and Rob set up their own building business called Ellis and Hughes Building Contractors. Then in 1981, when Jack and Evelyn retired, they returned to take over the funeral business.  
In 1988, Phil and Rob acquired W. E. Price Funeral Directors in Oswestry on the retirement of Fred and Alma Roberts.

I. Jackson & Sons and W. E. Price Funeral Directors continue today with Gary (Phil's son) and Andrew (Rob's son) now running both businesses. Whilst Phil and Rob enjoy their well-earned retirement.
When death occurs
We provide a caring and considerate funeral planning service in Powys.
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